OWL Birmingham runs lots of public events to share our research. Keep an eye on this page to find out what's coming up.

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Bring on the Brains at Community Day - 6th September
We had a very busy day demonstrating OWL and lots of other mind-bending games at the University of Birmingham's Community Day. Hundreds of families came to hear about the exciting research that we carry out at the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham.

The calm before the storm! Setting up for a busy day at Community Day.

OWL at Thinktank - 12th, 18th and 19th of April
OWL researchers returned to Thinktank on the 12th, 18th and 19th of April to tell visitors about our research project.
Thinktank Museum website

OWL was very excited to be involved with the Pint of Science Festival which came to Birmingham for the first time in 2015. This was a fun science festival held in pubs and bars all over the world! Birmingham hosted a number of different events as part of the festival. OWL researcher Lily FitzGibbon was involved with running the Beautiful Mind events, and showed off our app to festival attendees. Our very own Dr Sarah Beck was also a speaker at one of these events. The Beautiful Mind events were held at Cherry Reds in the centre of Birmingham.

Cherry Red's Cafe Bar

Midlife Matters - OWL at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - 28th of March 2015
Come along to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to meet OWL researchers and learn about why midlife matters, and how we will study changes in thinking and decision making though adulthood using the OWL app.

Midlife Matters

Arts vs Science Bake Off - 20th of March
As part of the Arts and Science Festival at the University of Birmingham, OWL organised an Arts vs Science Bake Off. Staff and students at the University of Birmingham were invited to bring art and science themed cakes to Staff House from 12pm until 2pm on the 20th of March to sell for charity. The event was a great success and raised £165 for Oxfam.

Bake off photos

Meet the Experts at Thinktank Museum
Come and Meet the Experts from the OWL project at Thinktank Museum in Birmingham on Friday the 20th of February. We will be teaming up with researchers from the University of Birmingham's Cognitive Development group to tell visitors about the research we are doing with adults and children. We will have lots of fun activities for kids and grown-ups to get involved with and learn all about the science of the human mind.

We will be there from 10.30am until 4pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Act your age pub quiz - 18th of March
As part of the Arts and Science Festival at the University of Birmingham, OWL is hosting an arts and science themed pub quiz at the Bratby Bar on the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmimgham on the 18th of March. Challenge yourself with tough quiz questions and learn about how ageing affects the brain through the lifespan.

The Birmingham Brain Challenge
Our first public event was at the Library of Birmingham on the 6th of November. The event was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences and was a fantastic opportunity for us to generate some interest in our project, and ask members of the public about their decision making. We asked participants to complete a fun "sticky-dot survey". Around 75 people got involved, and we had a good spread of ages, from 14 to 87!

First, participants chose a strip of sticky dots for their age group.

Then they stuck their sticky dots onto posters to answer our questions. In our project, we will be using a smartphone and tablet app to conduct our research about decision making during adulthood. It seemed important to find out whether our target age group, between 25 and 65, were smartphone and tablet users. Almost all of the adults under 60 in our survey owned either a smartphone, or a tablet, or both! In fact, many of the older adults also owned a smartphone or tablet. Good news for our app!

We also wanted to ask some of the questions we will be tackling in the project, such as, do health related behaviours change with age, and do we look back on our decisions more or less as we get older? Check out our Twitter feed to see how people responded.