Helpful hints

Access OWL from your touchscreen device
OWL will work in your web browser on your computer, but it is designed to work with a touchscreen, so be sure to switch to your phone or tablet.

Supported devices and browsers:
Most Apple, Android devices are supported.
Currently, Windows devices are not fully supported.
If you are running OWL on an Android device, be sure to use the Chrome internet browser to access OWL.

Pin OWL to your home screen so that it works in app mode
Here are some instructions to help you do this on different devices:
Not seeing these options, make sure you are using Safari or Chrome!

Hold your device in landscape mode for the best performance
OWL is designed to work in landscape mode.

If your device is locked in portrait mode, then you may have difficulty scrolling even when you hold your phone is held on its side. On Apple devices, you can tell if you are locked in portrait mode because the status bar on your phone will stay on the short side of your screen, and not move to the long side of the screen when you turn your device.

Lots of screens require scrolling
Sometimes, all the information doesn't fit on the screen. Try scrolling to see more, or to find the 'next' button.

Some tests need to be done in order
Some of the tests are disabled until others have been completed. If a test looks pale in the menu, and nothing happens when you click on it, then it is not yet available. Try completing the other games in that section first.

Tests need to be done from start to finish
The OWL scientists need each test to be completed in full and in one sitting so that they can understand your performance. If you don't manage to complete a test in one go, you will need to start again from the beginning of that test next time. You can look at the watch icon in the menu to see how long each test will take to complete.